Ears and obsessions can gangrene your daily life and develop blockages. The heaven Ê-SENSES remedy helps rid yourself of these disorders by targeting a trio of vital organs: the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Verbenone rosemary filters your liver by acting as a liver detoxifier. The laurel activates the energy gently while strengthening your power of concentration and increasing
your memory capacity. Soothing and refreshing, peppermint soothes explosive and irritable temperaments, helping you keep a cool head. Rich in vitamin C, lemon boosts the immune system and eliminates toxins present in your body.

You belong to this category of creative and bright people. Your energy is such that you are enterprising. Too much movement can generate tension and emotional blockages, developing a sensitivity to injustice and grudge. To exfiltrate this overflow of negative energy, the Sky Fluid can ventilate your mind and lighten your body.

Supta baddha Konasana – 5 min in the posture
Stimulates the gallbladder and the liver to release
toxins also help the kidney and bladder to boost
the elimination of the toxins and excess liquids,
Bonus help to sleep…

21-day cure every change of season.
Ê-SENSE 1 capsule during meals.
Or 4 Capsules 2 morning & 2 evening if you are sick or after indigestion.

Lungs, large intestine, liver

“Let your food be your medicine” – Hippocrates

Type of foods:
– Cold, raw and fibrous

– Sour and bitter

Your personalized products:

Remedy fluid

The Fluid body care to use every day on your body, hair, bath… This way you will benefit of the power of the plant recognized by your cells and distributed directly through your blood.

Remedy cure

For a more comprehensive cure, inter seasonal should consider further recommendations such as preferred food and activities. But designed to restore, drain or balance your internal system

Auratic Spray

Personalized auratic spray blend with your synergy essential oils to use like a confidence perfume:
On your face, pillow….