Yi-King Organic Therapeutic Cosmetic is an invitation to a journey to the edge of your personal balance. Yi-King is the idea that plants and plants can offer everyone the cure for absolute and inner well-being.

YI-King is a unique creation born in the spirit of a woman passionate about nature: Coralie Greyson. Having traveled the world as a whole and its diversity, she found the ideal place to develop this philosophy through rare and high-end cosmetics to reconnect with each other to its fullness.

Yi-King Organic Cosmetic Therapeutic, is tailor-made for the body, Ê-SENSES.

Made from ingredients harvested according to the cycle of the seasons and the moon and patented formulas, they rebalance your hormonal production, through a soft medicine.

Yi-King is organic cosmetics with therapeutic virtues made only from 100% vegan natural elements: endemic plant species.

No preservatives on the horizon, only 100% organic or wild essential oils, virgin coconut oil or grapefruit seed extract.

Our products are guaranteed without parabens, additives, endocrine disruptors, artificial dyes, artificial flavors or sulphates … to respect your frequency and the natural beauty of your body and mind.