Ideal for cleaning your digestive system, The Earth Ê-SENSES Remedy has a detox effect by acting deep on your organs. Composed of rosemary verbenone, tropical basil, aromatic ravintsara and coriander, it filters your liver, rebalances your body, soothes your bloating and fermentations related to digestion. Your emotional tensions and your tensions concentrated on the solar plexus disappear: you feel reboosted and revitalized!

You are balanced, instinctive and intuitive, you need to regain a vital rhythm at the level of the food cycle and sleep … The Ê-SENSES Earth remedy will accompany you, evacuating the anxiety which invades you on a daily basis and pollutes the spirit. With this Ê-SENSES fluid, you will be released from a digestive weight in your heart: a new life opens to you!

Seiza – 5 minutes in the posture

Spleen & Stomach Meridiens
All the meridians of the lower body
get stimulated through the
compression in the toes.

21-day cure every change of season.
Ê-SENSE 1 capsule during meals.
Or 4 Capsules 2 morning & 2 evening if you are sick or after indigestion.

Spleen – Stomach

“Let your food be your medicine” – Hippocrates

Type of foods:
– Mildly warm and soft

– Sweet

Your personalized products:

Remedy fluid

The Fluid body care to use every day on your body, hair, bath… This way you will benefit of the power of the plant recognized by your cells and distributed directly through your blood.

Remedy cure

For a more comprehensive cure, inter seasonal should consider further recommendations such as preferred food and activities. But designed to restore, drain or balance your internal system

Auratic Spray

Personalized auratic spray blend with your synergy essential oils to use like a confidence perfume:
On your face, pillow….